2018年10月20日的雅思大作文题目为:Report shows that it is increasingly expensive to keep museums open to public. Find the best way to fund museums among these funding possibilities—governments, businesses, individuals.Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.








Many museums have been faced with financial problems over the past years of recession and lagging economicrecovery. As it is increasingly expensive to maintain museums, sufficient money must be raised from both government sources and private (either businesses or individuals) donations, in order to keep them open to public.



(1) 第一段提出话题:博物馆需要从政府或者个人获得资金来维持运转。

(2) be faced with… 面临……

(3) recession 倒退

(4) lagging 落后的;缓慢的

(5) maintain 维持;维修


Investment from governments must form a bigger proportion of the income of many museums at different levels. As a major way to fund museums, the public sector should always do more, and there may be no substitutes for the government support for museums, especially in the long-lasting financial crisis when that government support is more urgently needed. Although, in the face of such adversity, museums have shown great resilience and creativity in generating new sources of revenue, those troubled institutions can only be sustained with stronger government backing. Considering that museums preserve a country’s collective memory for future generations, the importance of public funding in museums could never be overestimated.



(1) 本段主要论述政府投资的重要性,以及原因。

(2) proportion 部分

(3) substitute 替代品

(4) urgently 急迫地

(5) adversity 不利的环境;对手

(6) resilience 弹性

(7) generate 产生

(8) sustain 持续;维持

(9) overestimate 过高估计

Private donations also occupy an important part in keeping a museum, especially when government funding is limited. This way of funding can be done by providing money for new programs and spaces, as well as giving works of art as gifts to the museum’s collections. The museums may in turn tailor themselves to the needs of the donors by affording certain privileges to them, including the right to use the museum’s space to hold some special events such as promotion campaigns. This has given rise to complaints and worries in the general public that receiving individual donations may leave the museums ruined.



(1) 本段主要论述私人捐款的作用及其问题:好处是补充政府投资,坏处是可能损坏博物馆。

(2) occupy 占据

(3) in turn 反过来

(4) tailor oneself to the needs of… 调整自己以适应……的需求

(5) afford 给与

(6) give rise to… 引起

In my view, among all the funding possibilities, government funding should always remain the best way of operating a museum, because it can ensure the maximum independence of the museum as an institution to educate the public. Donations from the private sector are necessary only when the museum cannot obtain sufficient support from the government and are acceptable only on the condition that they do not interfere with the public roles of the museum.



(1) 本段给出自己的观点:政府资助是最佳办法,同时提出接受私人捐赠的两个前提:政府资助不够,私人不妨碍博物馆的正常功能。

(2) operate 运作;操作

(3) ensure 确保

(4) maximum 最大的

(5) sufficient 足够的

(6) on the condition that… 以……为条件

(7) interfere with 干涉;妨碍